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Imported Germany Sanding Wheel





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  • From Germany, the world's top Fischler grinding products.

    In order to achieve the precise treatment effect of low-e glass metal film layer, specific solutions are required.

    Ordinary standard methods are no longer able to meet the needs of infinitely changing products, such as the physical properties of processed materials,processing machinery specifications and configuration of the structure (revolution, pressure), and even different geographical climate and water quality.So Fischler specializes in LOW-E glass for metal film treatment and develops high quality abrasive products.Since its birth in Europe, it has been recognized and promoted by baichao and lysek.

    The film removal length of each Fischler grinding product is 13,000 -- 21,000 meters,standard grinding wheel at normal pressure of 0.6-0.9bar,operating speed :1800 RPM (M/S).

    • Special treatment of edges and surfaces

      To meet the high standard of bonding quality of low-e insulating glass, and to achieve no residue and little dust at the same time, the metal film layer of a certain size at the edge is removed, which depends on the thickness and hardness of the film. With these variables in mind, Fischler developed specially formulated abrasive materials that use a mixture of natural plants in nature with precise proportions of adhesives to perfectly achieve different film removal requirements.

      Product features

      1.can prevent the degradation of membrane layer leading to the failure of insulating glass.

      2.prevent the production of decorative spots, conducive to the light into the indoor.

      3.Ensure the precision and thoroughness of off-line low-radiation glass four-edge film removal.

    • Thickness (mm) :13/14/15/20

      Specification (mm) :200*76.2

      Note:Special specifications can be customized

    • Mainly used for low-e glass edge to membrane, after using the product in addition to the film, the surface is no longer using other solvent cleaning, then daub hollow structural adhesive, silicon honey polysulfide rubber, make constant of the surface gloss of coated glass, silica gel don't damage the glass surface bonding strength, make its can give full play to the role of play a strong bonding with force and for a long time to secure.

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